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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can create the opportunity for relational, psychological and behavioral openness that can allow individuals to access healing, a new understanding of the self and the world.  Ketamine allows us to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness and relaxes the usual mindset, allowing for disengagement from usual ego-defenses (defense mechanisms) while maintaining conscious awareness. Ego-defenses are subconscious and can be actions, cognitions, narratives and behaviors that have helped us to deal with difficult emotions and experiences. Ego-defenses are useful in protecting our psyche and necessary for survival, however, trauma and repeated exposure to stressors without completing the stress response can cause ego-defenses to become automated in a maladaptive way manifesting in symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and suffering.

Simply, stated, the Ketamine experience can allow us to experience our usual state from a new place, without the engagement (“protection”) of maladaptive ego-defenses. Debriefing and Integration practices allow us to build on the experience and may increase the duration of Ketamine’s positive effects.   Additionally, there is evidence that Ketamine assists with rapid neurogenesis (the growing of new neural pathways). Implementing alternative cognitions, behaviors, actions and narratives may help to the brain use these pathways (reduce pruning) and decreases the likelihood of reengagement maladaptive ego-defenses and relieving symptoms mental distress.

Post Session Debrief

Allows us to immediately reflect on the experience, make notes, share insights or alternative perspectives that may have been discovered.  Suggestions for shaping the hours and days immediately following the experience will be offered. They may include journaling, movement, creative practices or connection with others. Each experience will be unique and it’s important not to make meaning out of how they differ, this activity allows us to process the experience as it occurred, before making meaning.

Integration Processing

This occurs at any time in between Ketamine sessions and is focused on integrating the experience into your life in a meaningful way using psychotherapy, structured interventions and individual reflection. Integration focuses on making meaning and cultivating opportunities for change in patterns of mind, mood and behaviors that that cause difficulty and distress.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP): Our Services
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