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Ketamine is expanding in use and research in the field of Psychiatry and is being utilized for found neurogenerative properties which increase neuronal growth and plasticity. Used at Veda House to target treatment resistant depressive symptoms, process trauma, reduce anxiety and increase wellbeing.

Each individual who is interested in treatment will have a full psychological and physical evaluation to determine eligibility, will meet with licensed therapist prior to treatment to develop treatment goals and discuss ketamine assisted psychotherapy options and will be assisted in developing treatment plan. Treatment plan will include recommended frequency and duration of treatments.

Initial Assessment

-Includes a two-part comprehensive psychiatric and medical evaluation to assess candidacy of treatment. First session will be arranged with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and second session with psychotherapist to assess appropriateness for treatment and how to optimize your experience.

Initial Treatment

-Welcome bag aimed to enhance your experience

-Pre-treatment medications if needed

-Medication cost and administration

-Medical monitoring for the duration of treatment

-2 Hours on site session in environment tailored to optimize treatment

Subsequent Treatments

Please consider the following prior to your treatment with ketamine:

-Treatments are a minimum of (2) hours long and you cannot drive after your treatment until the following morning, therefore transportation to and from treatment site must be arranged.

-You must be medically monitored on site by medical professionals, this treatment cannot be administered at home

-Having an initial evaluation does not guarantee you will be assessed as appropriate for treatment due to excluding medical or psychiatric conditions or history.

Ketamine treatments: Our Services
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